Menstrual Cycle Profile (Sims hormone profile)

A typical menstrual cycle will last approximately 28 days.
The first day of a woman's period is know as Cycle Day (CD) 1 of her menstrual cycle.
Throughout this cycle there is a specific ebb and flow of fertility hormones in a woman's blood. These hormones are chemical messengers and coordinate the three phases of the menstrual cycle.

  • The first phase is the Follicular Phase which initiates the growth of follicles in a woman's ovary and the maturation of one dominant ovarian follicle. This involves FSH and Estradiol (E2) which is a type of Oestrogen.
  • The Ovulatory Phase involves an LH surge which causes ovulation to occur around CD 14.
  • The Luteal Phase is the last part of the cycle and uses Progesterone (P4) to enhance the thickness of the lining of the womb, to allow implantation by a fertilised ovum.

A drop in the level of these hormones when fertilisation does not occur, causes menstruation on CD 28. The menstrual cycle hormone profile allows clinicians to track how these hormones behave throughout a woman's cycle and can shed some light on menstrual cycle dysfunction such as amenorrhea, anovolatory cycles and hypogonadism. Appointments for blood tests should be scheduled with your GP on CD 3 and CD 21 ( or 7 days after ovulation if you do not have a 28 day cycle).

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