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Infertility Support Groups

The National Infertility Support and Information Group
Voluntary organization dedicated to providing support and information to couples affected by infertility.

RESOLVE, The National Infertility Association
US based site providing information on infertility diagnosis, management, options and support.

Infertile World
Information on fertility problems and their treatment.

Fertility Friends
Online support network run by volunteers to support couples affected by infertility.

Fertility Authority
US website with information, video library and advice in relation to fertility issues.

Male Specific Support Groups

Male Fertility
Website sponsored by Just4Men Ltd. Provides information on male fertility.

Male Infertility - Cornell Institute for Reproductive Medicine
Male infertility from a more medical perspective.
Information & forum discussion on preparing for and handling fatherhood.

Infertility Support Forums

IVF Connections
Online portal community partnered with RESOLVE.
IVF and infertility news, education, resources, discussion forum and support.

Irish Infertility Support forum
Hosts a forum for discussion on infertility related topics.

Provides a discussion forum for issues relating to fertility.

Fertile Thoughts
Fertility and infertility discussion forum and blogs.

The International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
INCIID (pronounced ‘Inside’)
Nonprofit organization, which provides information and hosts discussion forums on infertility.

Infertility Blogs

Turek on men’s health
Dr Paul Turek blogs weekly about issues such as infertility, vasectomy, vasectomy reversal, sexual and hormonal dysfuntion and more.

Stirrup Queens – The Blogroll
Over 3000 blogs on infertility, treatment, loss, adoption and parenting.

Making Babies - The waiting game
Blogging by Fiona McPhillips, a freelance journalist and academic researcher.

Pregnancy & Parenting

Irish site for support and information on pregnancy and parenting.

UK site for support and information on pregnancy and parenting.

Medical Information

Web MD
Information on medical conditions and symptom checker.

Search Medica
Medical information search engine.

The Human Fertilisation & Embryology Authority
British licensing body for fertility clinics. Collects information and compiles statistics relating to infertility.
Provides a more clinical perspective of embryology and IVF. Advertises jobs in reproductive science and medicine. is an IVF-focused website for doctors, embryologists, nurses and social workers. It provides patients with information, community forums and the opportunity to speak with doctors to learn more about infertility and treatment.

Lab Tests Online
Public resource on clinical lab testing by laboratory professionals who do the tests.

Stoney Brook University – The state university of New York
The Urology department provides a good male factor infertility overview.

Genetic Testing Information

Reproductive Genetics Institute
Provides information on genetic disorders, Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGD), prenatal diagnosis and stem cells.

Genetics Home Reference
A US government funded guide to understanding genetic conditions.

Donor sperm/egg information

National Gamete Donation Trust
UK based site which provides clear and practical information for those considering becoming an egg or sperm donor but also for health professionals and those requiring treatment with donor eggs or sperm.

Donor Conception Network
Support and guidance for couples considering using donor conception, including eggs, sperm or embryos.

Adoption Information

Oasis – Overseas adoption support and information service
UK based voluntary support group for couples wishing to adopt from overseas.

Irish Fertility Clinics


Sims IVF


Human Assisted Reproduction Ireland at the Rotunda Hospital

Merrion Fertility Clinic

Beacon Care Fertility

Morehampton Clinic

Clane Fertility Clinic

Southeast Fertility

The Kilkenny Clinic

Cork Fertility Clinic

The Scotia Clinic

Galway Fertility Unit


Origin Fertility Care

Regional Fertility Centre (NHS funded treatment) at the Royal Jubilee Maternity Services Hospital

Holistic Fertility Treatment Practitioners in Cork

The Acupuncture Council of Ireland
Information and listings of qualified Irish acupunturists.

Zita West
Assisted fertility information, treatment and support.

Zita West affiliated practitioners in Cork

Aculife Fertility Acupuncture

Awbeg Acupuncture & Natural Medicine Clinic

Fionnusce Healing Centre

Cork Natural Fertility Clinic, Robin Hill Clinic

Further information on male specific alternative therapies in Ireland
Irish acupuncture site focused specifically on beneficial effects of acupuncture on men’s health. References a good selection of articles for further reading.

Other Holistic Fertility Treatment Practitioners

Siobhán Kehoe Fertility Treatment Clinic
Professional Midwifery, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture


Glenville Nutrition Ireland
Consultants formulate specific nutrition plans to boost fertility.

Jess Keane Nutrition
Cork-based Nutritional Therapist.

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