Consultation appointments can be used to discuss test results or other fertility issues in more depth, and are available to individual patients or couples.

Some men can feel anxious about test results and prefer the option of booking a consultation to coincide with their fertility test. The basic Semen Analysis test takes 30-40 minutes to perform, after which patients can discuss their test report and ask questions.

Female fertility testing involves a lot more tests. When a couple decide to investigate their infertility then the female partner can first arrange to have basic bloods done with her GP, prior to an initial consultation with a specialist fertility consultant in a fertility clinic. An ultrasound scan is performed as part of the fertility consultation.
Based on Semen Analysis, GP blood tests and the ultrasound scan, the specialist consultant will recommend further more in-depth fertility tests and fertility treatment options.

Some Reasons for Scheduling a Consultation

  • Some fertility test results are difficult to understand.
  • Sometimes you will want to discuss test results immediately after testing and not wait for results in the post.
  • Sometimes results are required more urgently as couples try to coordinate appointments with other practitioners.
  • Sometimes it’s useful to talk about results and fertility treatment options i.e. Ovulation Induction, IUI, IVF, ICSI, TESE etc.
  • Sometimes you or your partner will have more questions.
Genetic Testing Counseling

A consultation is required prior to any genetic testing. This is included in the cost of the test and can be arranged over the phone.
It’s important that a patient understands the conditions that are being tested for, how they are tested and the impact these conditions can have on family members.

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