In Vitro Activation - A new technique for women with premature ovarian failure

I read this great article about a new technique researchers are calling IVA (In Vitro Activation). The technique is still classed as experimental, but researchers were able to collect mature eggs for IVF from women that had suffered premature ovarian failure.
The average age of women taking part in the trial was 37, and these women had stopped menstruating approximately 7 years prior to this.
Out of the 27 women who took part in the clinical trial, 13 women still had follicles with the potential to develop, 8 of these responded to this new treatment and 5 developed mature eggs. Of these 5, there has been one baby, one pregnancy and two are still waiting for embryo transfer.

This technique is currently being studied in conjunction with premature ovarian failure but will be applied to other causes of female infertility in the future.

To read about this research please click the following: 'Egg Growth Induced in Infertile Women, One Gives Birth'

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