Promising research could lead to a new male contraceptive pill

Promising research from the Monash University, Australia could lead to the development of the elusive male conceptive pill. Current products are fraught with side effects or are not completely effective. There are millions of sperm in an ejaculate but it takes just one sperm to fertilise an egg. Until now, most scientists have modelled their efforts on the female pill which disrupts ovulation by interfering with hormonal signals. Monash scientists are taking a completely original approach which doesn't interfere with male hormones, but instead focuses on the ducts through which sperm must pass during ejaculation. The new male pill would prevent these ducts from transporting sperm. Other than preventing the transport of sperm, this approach seems to have no affect on normal sexual function.

Lead researcher, Dr Sab Ventura commented,
"We've shown that simultaneously disrupting the two proteins that control the transport of sperm during ejaculation causes complete male infertility, but without affecting the long-term viability of sperm or the sexual or general health of males. The sperm is effectively there but the muscle is just not receiving the chemical message to move it."

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