♀ Female Fertility Testing

Female infertility can be complex and difficult to diagnose.
Some of the main tests and scans are discussed on this page.
These tests look at the whole of a woman's fertility health by examining hormonal, immunological, genetic and physical factors that might prevent a woman becoming pregnant.
During an initial fertility consultation, a clinician decides which tests are likely to yield answers, based on a couple’s medical history. Results indicate the most appropriate fertility treatment plan for the couple.

Some of the main female blood tests include:

Other Tests to Check Female Fertility
Other tests, in addition to blood tests are needed to more accurately assess female fertility.
A reproductive specialist will need to see if there is something structurally/physically preventing pregnancy.
These tests include:

What are the First Steps?
When a woman decides she wants to find out why she hasn't become pregnant, she should visit her GP and check menstrual cycle profile (MCP) bloods on day 3 and day 21 of her menstrual cycle. In addition to this she should arrange an ultrasound scan of her reproductive organs. These are the first steps.
If these do not identify the cause of infertility then a reproductive specialist will recommend some of the tests listed on this page.

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