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Fertility Check is a Cork based fertility clinic specialised in fertility testing.
Our website contains useful information on both male and female fertility testing. What tests are available, and why they are used.

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Male Fertility Testing

Male Fertility testing includes:

"If you are not sure, why you and your partner have not yet been able to conceive, then a Semen Analysis is probably the most appropriate test for you. Results will indicate if male factor fertility is a problem."

- Dr. Michelle O'Connor, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Female Fertility Testing

Female fertility testing can explain infertility and repeated miscarriage.
Testing can also predict fertility. The AMH test looks at a woman’s remaining egg supply or ovarian reserve. Read more about AMH... →

Combining ‘His and Hers’ test results allows practitioners to make more informed decisions in relation to fertility treatments.
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Nutrition Information

Your diet affects your fertility.
Key nutrients help optimize sperm health, and the female reproductive system, prior to conception.

Please click below to read how to improve your diet both naturally and using
fertility supplements.

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